Modern culture is evolving in India with rapid developments in all industries. One of the fast-emerging industries in India is hospitality management. The number of hotels, resorts, bars, parties, and events is increasing year on year in India. It accommodates massive traffic of domestic as well as international tourists and native people. Apart from individual two, three, and five-star hotels, hotel owners are opening a chain of hotels and restaurants in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Simultaneously, customer satisfaction and personalized experiences are affecting the success of the hospitality business. It is also increasing the huge demand for trained hotel management professionals.  

Globalization is helping more and more businesses to establish and enter the global market. It is creating prospects for hotel management candidates and professionals. Nowadays, almost every country is promoting itself as an attractive tourist destination to explore and experience a different culture. It is flourishing the hotel and associate industry across the globe for visitors attracted to other places. This boom in the tourism sector is making the hotel management industry one of the prime recruiters. Different innovative forms of tourism and trends such as health tourism, adventure tourism, and heritage tourism are growing exponentially. It is creating numerous jobs for hotel management pass-out candidates and professionals. 

Scope for Hospitality Management Professionals:
Hospitality management professionals have enormous opportunities to work at different places, locations and in various types of hospitality centers such as:
Administration of catering
Management of catering
Loading house
Bars and Pubs
Hospitality is the most dynamic, fast-growing, existing along with one of the world’s biggest industries. It is opening diverse and specialized job opportunities with the development of new technology and increasing the importance of guest experience. 
Scope of Hotel Management Career in India:
India is blessed with the most dynamic and diverse geology and geography. It has divided the continent into different states based on their climate, geological & geographical conditions, and accordingly developed lifestyle and culture. As a developing nation, India is transforming rapidly in all sectors, and the hospitality industry has been one of India’s most demanding and growing industries in recent years. Modernisation and significant population shift to urban and metro cities are pushing hotel management to the top-level industry. 

New hotels are opening in big and small cities, remote places, as well as tourist places. These hotel owners need hotel management experts to manage and grow their hotel business appropriately. The hotel industry depends on a number of team members such as chefs, assistants, managers, order takers, communicators, receptionists, accountants, and administrators. It opens the door for an attractive hotel management career for candidates interested in the hospitality industry. 

Hotel management career options are not limited to hotels and restaurants but are also divided into different cuisine serving centers like clubs, bars, cruises, hospitals, railways, airlines, roadways and so on. Some of the career options in hotel management in India are discussed below:
Hotel and restaurant management
It needs appropriate management, organization, and co-operation among the hotel and restaurant staff to provide a satisfactory customer experience. Coordination between order takers and chefs needs to be quick to deliver faster services. The team should always be ready to work extra whenever necessary, especially in festive seasons and weekends. Thus, though a single hotel looks small with limited staff, proper management plays a vital role in the success, popularity, and growth of the hotel and restaurant. 

Hospital administration and catering
Big hospitals need administration and also hold their own catering services for staff, patients, as well as their relatives. Hospital catering is responsible for providing a healthy and nutrition-rich diet to patients. Hotel management professionals are required to keep track of patients’ diets, prepare food for staff and serve orders of people visiting canteens. 

Hotel and tourism associations
Tourism has witnessed massive growth in the past few years all across India. Incredible India has attracted millions of domestic and international travelers to different parts of India. Apart from prominent entrepreneurs and businesses in the hotel and tourism industry, it has provided an opportunity to locals interested in hotel and food services for their livelihood.

Cruise ship hotel management
Cruise trips have been popular for the past hundred years. People love to travel to coastal areas on cruise ships. As cruise trips take several days, weeks or even months, it is vital to ensure quality food for travelers. Big cruises have multiple hotels on a cruise, and their management is a big responsibility, from maintaining stock to providing delicious dishes and managing waste. Cruise parties and trips are increasing simultaneously demanding cruise ship hotel management professionals in India. 

Forest lodges
Previously, reserved forests had limited visitors, and they used to be responsible for their own meals. But, increased attraction to see wild animals and interest in exploding, photography and videography of forests and biodiversity in different woods have raised forest lodges. These lodges provide shelter and meals to visitors. 

Club management 
In a modern lifestyle, visiting clubs and bars have become common in Indian metro cities. Apart from beverages and food served, these clubs are famous for their unique infrastructure, architecture, and ambience. Club management plays an essential role in maintaining loyal customers that includes special treatment, serving personalized variations in available dishes and sometimes offering them discounts on special occasions for being loyal customers. All this needs hotel management training and practice. 

Airline catering and cabin services
Airline traveling has increased over the period as the connectivity, technology, and national & international traveling regulations have evolved. Airline traveling includes long flying hours to reach the destination, especially international travels. Passengers are served breakfasts, beverages, and meals in the meantime that also enhances passenger satisfaction. Airline catering and cabin services have emerged as a separate branch of hospitality management but play a significant role in this domain.

Railway catering
Railways are the backbone of Indian connectivity. India could connect to all its major cities and some remote places through railways. Millions of people travel through the railway every day. As railway journeys take several hours, it has started providing catering services based on passenger orders. The management of railway catering in railways as well as at railway stations has become one of the opportunistic careers for hotel management candidates and professionals.

Guest house management and catering
Government and non-government guest houses have a long history. Industries, government offices, factories, and big enterprises own guest houses for their prime guests. These guest houses provide top-class hospitality and catering services to guests. Guest house management and catering have always been in scope for hotel management enthusiasts.

The scope of a hotel management career in India is increasing day by day as a massive population is traveling every day here and there for various purposes. Apart from the scope to start in this domain, it also has remarkable career growth for candidates interested in hotel management courses and pursuing their careers. Candidates and professionals who love to cook, meet different people, manage the hotel’s back-end, and grow with experience have endless opportunities in hotel management, not only in India but also in foreign countries. 

Additionally, India has different cuisines such as Punjabi, Maharashtrian, Rajsthani, Gujarati, Bengali, and various south Indian dishes. People from these states move to other states and serve people their continental food. These hotels and restaurants need chefs, helpers, assistants, hotel managers. It opens enormous scope for hotel management freshers, candidates, and professionals to pursue their careers in hotel management. 

Conclusively, the hospitality industry is growing gradually due to globalization and modernisation worldwide. India has been representing itself in front of the world as an incredible tourist destination with diverse natural beauty and culture. It has resulted in increased visitors to different places in India. Traveling and adventurous backpacking has also been flourishing in Indian youth that has raised domestic traveling. All this is boosting the hotel management career in India. Many candidates opt for certification, diploma, and degree courses in hotel management and master chef training across India. They are educating themselves with various techniques, methods, and skills required in the hospitality industry. 

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