Institute of Advanced Management (IAM) offers culinary courses in India. IAM celebrates 30 years of success in being the best multi-locational hotel management college in India. IAM Kolkata and Guwahati provide supreme culinary courses in India in their magnificent, ambitious, friendly, practical oriented, relaxed but active, intellectual and state of the art infrastructure to prepare top-notch chefs. IAM has been a brand for 32 years, and its reputation is strengthened with its association with the University of West London, UK. It is the first Indian Institute since 1995 to deliver a degree-level programme of any British university.

IAM Kolkata is one of the first AICTE approved colleges. It offers a three-year full-time Diploma Course in Hospitality Administration. Candidates are trained in commercial hotels or hospitality services in collaboration with each of the campuses. 

IAM Belagavi has recently opened to represent IAM in Karnataka to uphold its mission to provide world-class education and training in hospitality management in India. 

Why IAM and why choose this career?

The hospitality and hotel management industry is flourishing rapidly and offers fabulous career opportunities to aspiring minds. Apart from job security and financial security, it provides lifestyle and travel opportunities around the globe. The importance of hospitality is increasing throughout the world with an increased number of people travelling to different locations. It also has increased demand for expert chefs and hospitality services providing various job and entrepreneurship opportunities. 

India has been rich in culinary arts and hospitality since ancient times. The demand for experts in the field is increasing with modernization in the 21-st century. The techniques and methods are advancing that need practice, training, and dedication. India has the highest demand of chefs with knowledge and experience to work in culinary. The demand will keep increasing with the maturity of the culinary and hospitality industry. IAM has a thriving history of providing advanced chef training courses across India. IAM is always a step ahead to educate and mold young mindsets into expert chefs with all essential skill sets.