Hotel, catering and related tourism activities currently employ over 2.5 million people in India, and an Express_Building_Manchesterincreasing number throughout the world. These industries provide varied, challenging, rewarding and diverse careers to the enthusiastic and committed individual. Continued growth and expansion in the industry present more opportunities for accelerated career advancement, with the prospect of managerial status at an early age.

Promotional progression in Hospitality Management is dependant upon technical, behavioral and administrative knowledge, together with key professional skills such as: These and other management skills are fostered and developed at I.A.M to banquet_hallenable you to succeed in this dynamic and varied industry.

Once qualified as a management graduate, you will be able to move between the various sectors of the industry as your career progresses, and take advantage of opportunities to travel and work abroad.

The upward Trend

  • the effective handling of people
  • the planning, deployment and control of resources
  • the ability to think and perform creatively under pressure.

The Industry Includes:

  • Hotel
  • Resorts
  • Airlines
  • Restaurants
  • Contract and Transport
  • Catering
  • Tourism Restaurant
  • Fast Food Operations
  • School Meals
  • Hospitals
  • Halls of Residence
  • Shipping
  • The Armed Services Restaurant
  • ITES
  • Call Center
  • Banks
  • Insurance