The 21st century is occupied with technology adoption, modernisation, globalization, and getting acquainted with various previously unknown and unexplored opportunities in multiple industries. One of such less explored and chosen career options is hotel management. People in old times did not practise hotelling and outside meals. But, with increased traveling throughout the world and visiting different places, working/studying away from home, and general outing practices have increased worldwide. Youth are engaged in parties, lunch-dates, romantic dinners, cruise traveling, and many more activities that have a high demand for good hotels and restaurants nearby famous locations.

A career in Hotel Management:
When it comes to choosing hotel management as a career, candidates must be interested in either different styles of cooking or managing hospitality. Several job profiles are available in the hotel industry, such as chef, hotel manager, front office manager, executive chef, food & beverage manager, restaurant & food service manager, administration manager, accounting manager, and housekeeping department. Hotel management focuses on serving its customers’ needs, whether food, comfortable rooms, facilities, or ambience. Wide applications as a career option in hotel management are discussed below:

Executive chef: The head of the kitchen under whose direction and guidance the assistant and junior chefs prepare the menu and meal is known as the executive chef. Candidates or professionals may clear exams or can be in the position of an executive chef with years of experience.

Hotel manager: The overall operations of hotel establishments and the management of other significant aspects of the hotel such as services, finance, food quality, catering, housekeeping, and decoration are done under in charge of the hotel manager. Candidates are interested in the hotel industry but not in cooking. For them, the hotel manager role can be suitable. Candidates or professionals wanting to participate willingly to represent the hotel delighted and keep an eye on all activities going in the hotel should definitely opt for this role. 

Front office manager: The work carried out by the front office manager includes the position of the front end desk, receptionist, information clerk and other services. The front office manager is also responsible for coordinating reservations and room assignments. The person you meet as soon as you enter the hotel makes the first impression on the hotel staff and quality of service. The front office manager must be kind, welcoming, respectful, and calm in any situation while dealing with customers. A person having these qualities can definitely help to grow the business of the hotel. Candidates with patience and natural kind behavior should definitely look out for this career option.

Food and beverage manager: Hotels do not only offer meals but also include beverages to attract more customers. The food and beverage manager is responsible for the overall work of the catering department. They plan, control, and organize the establishments, from small informal dinners to large restaurants. Candidates good at understanding customer needs, demands, and planning accordingly can choose this management role in the hotel management industry.

Housekeeping department: Housekeeping is one of the fundamental departments in the hotel industry. It keeps the property clean and orderly. The housekeeping department is responsible for the well-maintained ambience of the hotel property. The department also supervises training, scheduling and working of the housekeeping staff, room inspection and maintenance of the cleanliness.

Restaurant and food service manager: They are responsible for inventories and stocks of daily usage and consumption. The arrangement for equipment maintenance and repairs are carried out by the housekeeping department. The restaurant and food service manager maintain the working hours, shifts and wages of employees, and tax records. 

Is Hotel Management A Good Career Option?
Hotel management does not only include cooking and managing the property, and it is a lot more than that! Candidates trained and educated through a hotel management institute get an immediate opportunity to start working with hotels, restaurants or in events such as parties, wedding catering and so on. There are endless possibilities in the corporate space to build a promising career if the candidate has essential knowledge and experience.

Hospitality is vast in nature and covers multiple aspects such as accommodation, food & beverage, leisure and catering services to customers and guests. A fundamental objective of the hotel management staff is to deliver services up to the customer satisfaction of the guests and ensure a hassle-free and joyous stay of guests at the property. The team makes sure that customers feel positive vibes and welcome so that they keep visiting the hotel. The hotel management institute helps candidates to develop such skills through different courses offered on the campus. These candidates are given training and practical experience under the guidance of experts in tied-up hotels. 

Hotel management looks very attractive and  lavishing career, but it is not an easy 9 to 5 desk job. The hotel management profession needs candidates to be present at work in shifts, needs the presence of mind and flexibility to change in work environments. But, it gives candidates a pleasant and well-decorated work environment increasing the work satisfaction of the candidate. 

Candidates completing any of the following courses from the hotel management institute can start a career at a better place leading to a better future in the hotel management industry; the courses can be any or multiple from the below list:
Bachelor in Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT)
BBA in Hotel Management
Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM course)
BA in Hotel Management
BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration 
Diploma in Hotel management 
Masters of Hotel Management 
MBA in Hotel Management
These courses help candidates to pursue and build their careers in the hotel management industry with different specialities. Candidates completing any of the above courses have more competitiveness than enthusiasts looking for opportunities. These courses assist candidates in advanced hospitality work space, skills, manners & etiquette, and work culture. 

Enthusiasts in hotel management can start their career in a year after completing 10+ 2 years of education in India. Apart from a basic starting salary between 15,000 – 20,000 rupees per month, there are several benefits of choosing a career in hotel management, as discussed below:
Skill development: Hotel management is a front desk job that needs interaction with several people a day. It also needs communication skills to interact with staff, guests, and customers with manners and respect. Though candidates are taught such fundamentals of the hospitality sector, working experience develops their skills significantly, impacting their behavior and thought process. A career in hotel management is day-to-day learning and growing through experiences such as problem solving, diplomacy, team work, time management, customer service, and multi-tasking. 

High annual packages: Students have different career options in hotel management based on their background education, knowledge, interest, and skill set. These candidates can get opportunities on the entry level as well as top level executive and managerial positions in the hotel. Candidates handling essential business operations can get paid even higher annual packages. 

Significant career growth: Candidates in the hospitality sector have a good chance of growing professionally. Freshers can get entry-level jobs in hotels, and years of experience can provide them with a higher level of job posts in the sector. There is a greater chance of starting with higher job roles if the candidate has pursued higher education in hospitality management. As the hospitality sector itself is growing, it offers various career benefits to take advantage of and grow in the hotel management space. 

Multiple job roles: People get bored and saturated with one type of work in their profession. In contrast, hotel management provides enormous job roles in the hotel sector. Candidates and professionals can choose or change their job roles depending on their interests and level of knowledge. Different job roles may vary from the chef, housekeeping staff to accommodation manager, restaurant manager, front desk manager, HR and training. 

International placement: Apart from working in a particular location with ease, the growth in travel and tourism has also increased opportunities for enthusiasts to work overseas. The rising demand for good hotels across the world has suddenly resulted in the requirement for qualified and experienced professionals in hotels to handle different operations. A hotel management course offered at the institute educates, trains, and provides practical experience through an internship so that candidates can play multiple job roles that automatically put them in demand. 

The hotel management industry is growing rapidly with the growth in travel and tourism worldwide. Demand for good hotels and accommodations is rising and offers a great career in hotel management for freshers as well as professionals. Apart from financial benefits and growth in salary, a hotel management career helps professionals develop their personality, provide overseas opportunities, and a variety of job roles with experience. 

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